Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chili, Again

I made Chili last night. It was really yummy. I just threw whatever I could think of into it. I browned everything in the same pot first and then added everything back in to take advantage of all the flavour living on the bottom of the pan. YUM!

I used turkey, beans and bacon as the proteins and even threw in some zucchini (my new favourite veggie). I NEVER use bacon in anything, we never buy it and when we do it almost always goes bad because we can't eat it quickly enough . I just happen to browse the meat counter while shopping for this dish and they had some smoked bacon there, so I decided to grab a little bit. It was the perfect amount for the Chili and I didn't have to feel bad about any leftover. Plus it made Clutterbuck a very happy camper while it was cooking.

I didn't take a picture because it just looked like regular old Chili. We're eating it for dinner tonight, perhaps a photo op will present itself.

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