Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday Morning

Had a lovely low-key morning this morning. Made pancakes and Clutterbuck cut up a big watermelon. Yummy.
Now its off to a series of dinners all over the place.

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  1. haven't checked in for a while...I'm very impressed with your cooking up a storm.
    It always makes me hungry!

  2. Haven't checked in for awhile...
    Now I have...
    Now I'm hungry, everything looks so good!

  3. ah yes nice.... what a colour is watermelon eh? here... I am enjoying reading your latest post with a glass of Riesling (left over from ma's day) while the verdant green pasture of my frying pan warm and soften the garlic, green onion and chopped spinach... I have good Parmesan cheese so you can see what I'm going for... some pasta thing. oh the joy of being able to afford food... and wine even!

  4. Hi V,am very impressed with all your cooking.
    Makes me hungry, though
    luv k