Monday, May 3, 2010

Roast Chicken

Its been a while since I've blogged...because its been a while since we've eaten anything worth blogging about. Since Clutterbuck has finished school (a.k.a. graduated school WOOP WOOP) and I've been working at this new job we've been on a diet of tuna melts, canned soups, and various frozen entrees.

Last night I roasted a chicken. Basic, I know...but it was my first ever and it was quite a success. I marinated it ahead of time and used this recipe. It was absolutely delicious. I followed the recipe pretty closely but added some garlic and onion powder into the rub, than I shoved some celery stalks (a tip I read online), lemon and garlic up in the ol' bird and baked it on a bed of potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots. I also poured a little white wine and chicken stalk in the bottom of the pan to baste with. It truly was the most moist chicken I've ever tasted, and the spices were a great combo. I made a little gravy out of the drippings as well...yum!

Clutterbuck was very pleased and kept stating that this was the best "double leg dinner" he's ever had (this is his regular order from Swiss Chalet).

Now I have all this left over chicken in the fridge and I dont know what to do with it. I always see these recipes for different things and think "If I only had leftover chicken I would totally make that". Now I have the leftover chicken and of course those recipes are nowhere to be found.

I do look forward to making a chicken stock, but want to find something else to do with the chicken meat first (because i'm not a huge fan of Chicken soup anyway).

Any suggestions?

Ben is normally completely uninterested in my food prep and cooking (unless it includes tuna). However, last night he was feeling very connected to the chicken and kept sitting and staring it. He never touched it...just wanted to hang out with it.

Here's the finished bird. I cooked it breast side down so I should have taken a pic of the back because it looked much better....but nonetheless the breast was so juicy

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  1. MAKE the chicken stock... it doesn't have to end up in soup... MAKE IT then freeze it... you can use it to cook rice in... and lots of other don't have to post this... it's too preachy!