Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pizza and Champagne

Pretty self explanatory. Clutterbuck is cooking. He orders a mean pizza. And he decided he had a hankering for champagne. So we dashed out to the LCBO 5 minutes before closing grabbed a bottle of bubbly and headed back home to our couch.

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  1. Champagne and Pizza. Classy. Takes me back to a Press Reception I organized once for Eaton's. A new shop was opening (in the Yorkdale store) and we served Champagne and Hot Dogs to the press. I had to do some convincing to make it happen as things were pretty straightlaced back then. Went over well.

  2. mmm I'm sitting in class right now with a headache thinking I'd LOVE some pizza...also I'm jealous for your happy-g-lucky level of comfort that you and Clutterbuck have found (can't WAIT to find that again).


  3. Fried Zucchini? Give what all has gone on above here.... THAT should be manageable!