Thursday, March 18, 2010

It started out so well...

I went to the gym yesterday right after work. After a lengthy run, Not only was I feeling rejuvenated and healthy I was full of dinner ideas (because whats better to think about while working out than food??) . I had a wicked craving for snow peas or sugar snap peas and headed off to Loblaws to pick some up and plan a meal around them...or just buy a huge amount and eat them as the meal...seriously the craving was that huge.

While still enjoying my exercise high I sent Clutterbuck a message asking if he'd like me to make extra dinner for him and leave it in the fridge. He was at school and planned to remain there until a relatively tedious assignment was done. I figured the least I could do is offer him some sustenance when he got home, plus the way I was feeling I could have taken on another pasta making session. He was totally into it....I think all he'd had to eat was an Oh Henry. was all downhill from there!

First of all they didn't have snow peas. WTF??? Don't give me that "They aren't in season" crap, because since when does that apply to anything anymore (except for maybe Quince, right Em?). This completely threw me off. I then proceeded to walk up and down the produce aisle several times, stopping once to lean in to the mister because I was hot and sweaty from the gym (is that bad?), searching for something that could be a satisfactory replacement. I'm pretty sure if anyone was watching me they thought I was crazy. My hair was all frizzy, I'm in sweaty sweats, and I'm walking around aimlessly muttering meal ideas to myself. I settled on green beans...not the same!

My energy after that promptly disappeared! It was like I somehow contracted mononucleosis between the produce and the meat counter. I wandered around from aisle to aisle, using my mini cart (love those!) as a makeshift walker, CONSIDERING everything and yet not wanting any of it. Suddenly I regretted my offer to make dinner because not only did I not have the energy to make it, I didn't even have the energy to decide what it was.

  • Stir fry would be good...but too much chopping
  • Maybe some pasta?...meh we eat that all the time
  • What about a salad?...nope salad never appeals to me as a theres the pesky chopping again
  • Oooh Maybe a frozen dinner...blech, too much salt and it doesn't really count as leaving dinner in the fridge
  • Oh I know maybe a grilled cheese, hmm I had that last night...and again, not the greatest "left over"
I ended up spending a LONG time in front of the Indian sauces and after much questioning of Clutterbuck on the blackberry (he's the Indian food connoisseur), I/we decided on Tika Masala sauce with a can of chick peas and some Naan bread. I don't particularly love Indian food, but I do LOVE Naan bread.

I grabbed the rest of what I needed and headed to the check out. It was such a beautiful day out and I remember thinking as I parked "I should park as far as I can away so that I can enjoy the weather". Eff that idea! I just wanted to be at home.

I got home and discovered we had a President's Choice (dinner for 2) frozen Tika Masala already. BRILLIANT!!!!

So after all these grand plans dinner became:

  • Microwaved Tika Masala (Chicken)
  • Steamed Green Beans
  • Heated Naan
It actually wasn't so bad, and it definitely pleased Clutterbuck when he returned home after I was asleep, but I couldn't help laugh at myself and how quickly I amended my grand plans. Oh well...such is life.
This was Phoebe when I got home. She had been out and about with the dog walker all day. Her face describes how I felt...we were in it together!

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  1. All's well that ends well! You have described me to some degree here.... grand ideas then, lowered expectations then, fridge surprise meal then, I'm tired. But aren't we lucky to have all these food choices?