Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well it's been waay too long since my last entry. I won't list all the reasons I have taken some time away from cooking (and therefore blogging), but one of the main reasons was because we moved.

Yes, that's right. I am so excited to report that I am now in the presence of BRAND NEW, FULL SIZE Kitchen Appliances. Whats the catch you ask? The fridge....ugh the fridge....its TINY. I've never seen such a small fridge. My condiments alone fill the whole bloody thing up. I have no reason why this fridge was chosen for this kitchen, but for now I'm trying to work with it.

Since, I had a bottle of Diana's Honey Garlic Sauce taking up room in the fridge I decided to use it up. I chopped up an onion, green pepper and some garlic and sauteed it them on my brand new ceramic cook top. Threw it together with some meatballs and served it with brown rice and corn on the cob.

This folks, is the closest we have come to eating a home cooked meal in almost two months (unless you count the scrumptious chicken pot pies my mom made for us to re-heat and eat after our move). Sadly, the meatballs were not made by me. They were PC blue menu. However, they were also taking up space in the even more ridiculously sized freezer, so I was happy to see them go.

Our new place is on the 16th floor of a high-rise building in an area where there are no other high-rises. Our view faces west and south. We have been here for a week or so now and are still captivated by the city views. The sunsets especially are unbelievable (as seen in the first photo of this entry).

Here are a few pics I snapped last night while making this meal. Sadly, it was POURING intermittently so by the time dinner was ready we couldn't sit out to enjoy it more, but that's OK. Something tells me we'll have plenty of opportunity in the coming weeks.

Here's the Diana's Sauce enjoying the view of the CN Tower.

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  1. nice.... very nice! the food, the view.... wow... looks good on you both!