Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Asian Beef Salad

Ok, so as I've stated in previous posts, I just can't get into eating a salad as a meal. However, this one changed my mind.
I marinated some sirloin in some garlic, white wine vinegar, peanut oil and hoisin sauce overnight. Clutterbuck grilled the steak on the BBQ while I boiled the reserved marinade.
I tossed together any fresh veggies I had in the fridge (bell pepper, celery, water chestnuts, carrots) with a bunch of baby greens, topped it with the thinly sliced beef, some mandarins, chow mein noodles and then the cooked marinade as a dressing.
It was incredibly good. I'll be making it again soon since I have have the sirloin hanging out in my freezer.

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