Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicken Marsala

Sorry for the poor quality photo. I was late getting dinner going and by the time I got it on the plate I barely had time to let it cool down before it completely disappeared.
This was such a simple and really flavourful recipe. Something we've started to do in the Smart Clutterbuck house is serve dinner on small plates instead of the big ones. Very simple concept...looks like more food because it takes up more plate...but isn't. We've also opted to forego the carbs, when possible, in favour of more protein and veggies.
The recipe is as follows:
1. Sprinkle Chicken Breasts with pepper and poultry seasoning
2. Slice mushrooms and saute in a pan until they release juices (a few minutes)
3. Add Chicken and brown on each side, push mushrooms to the side of the pan
4. Add 1/4 cup of Marsala and let simmer for a minute, Add 3/4 cups of low sodium beef broth, Simmer uncovered until Chicken is cooked
5. Dissolve some cornstarch in 1/4 cup of beef broth, add to pan, stir until sauce thickens
6. Plate Chicken, spoon sauce and mushrooms over chicken breast
7. Watch Clutterbuck actually lick the plate clean once the chicken is gone....we're all class at the Smart-Clutterbuck house :)


  1. wow I can't wait.... I'm making this and soon. Today I made some Guacamole which I smashed up while talking on the phone....also a simple recipe and a very tasty snack on a cracker or two or three... recipe available on request!

  2. That looks and sounds soo good. I'm gonna try it too.